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I used to sleep and dream of the Hole in the World. I used to hide in shadows and live a dream, vaporous to all, including myself. I used to be a dream... I have grown. I have become aware that the Shadows are a part of me, but also that I am not made of them. I am more than a Dream. Poetry has become a way for me to manifest my existence, to hopefully prolong my existence across the boudaries of Life. And if not... If you found my info through the link on one of the critiques (I prefer to call them Reviews), a word of explanation: I try very hard not to hurt people, but am also very much aware of how utopian this is. People come here in hopes of appreciation. If my words seemed unnecessarily hard, I beg forgiveness. It's just that, to me, a poem either works or doesn't. If it works, I'll do my best to explain why it worked, why the poem moved me in any way. If it didn't, I'll offer suggestions on how I personlly think the poem could be improved. Never will I deliberately strike at the poet or even the theme. I consider all people to be proud of their work, and as such, they should be respected. But we are not here to revel in gratuitous flattery and sycophancy. If it stinks, I will tell you so. I hope you'll all return the favour...

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