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Well, my name is Bernie and I grew up on an island in the Caribbean called Antigua. Life on an island back then was quite simple. Everyone practically knew everyone else. Crimes were not very common. Some people never lock their doors!! As children I remember one of the fun things we did was go "crab hunting". Essential tools for this outing were a crocus(burlap)bag, a flambeau(a cloth wrapped around a stick, dipped in oil and then lit) no flambeau a flashlight works; a long stick and sharp eyes to spot the crabs. So, we all piled ito the car Mom, Dad, two brothers a sister and I. We drove to the country areas or anywhere we may have spotted a crab. Whoever saw the crab first would shout "THERE'S ONE!!" and the chase would be on. It was all great fun and we had the most fun eating the stuffed crabs afterwards!!!! I moved to the U.S. shortly after I got married. We lived in Virginia Beach while my husband pursued graduate studies at a University there. We now live in Texas, and although it's hot I love the state; it's sooo B I G. So much goes on here , it's thrilling!!!! About my poetry .........I love writing; it is a passion. I began writing when I was 8 years old, and when I wrote my first poem, I realised I had a gift. Very often I write about a subject I really know little about, have not gone through that experience, but the work suggests that I did, because of how real it seems. My writing comes from somewhere deep inside. I have never studied writing or taken a course, what I do comes naturally. To understand this more easily, check out a poem I published on this site called "White hair -Rockng chair" Believe you me I am still a way away from that stage. But everyone who read it assumed I was that person because of how real it seemed. What more can I say? I hope my writing gives someone a little hope, a little joy and a feeling of peace in this world of confusion and strife. So be strong my friend..........Tomorrow is another day. Bernie

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