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A Cry in the Dark

Unyielding,  the black hole  held within.  Despair,  molds my identity.  A tenacious dark cloud  strangling me,  much as a supple  feathered sham.  Boughs pierce,  pull me down.  A remnant of reflection  frayed with time.  This dismal abyss  filled with worn grief,  aged and yet fresh.  Cold stares,  pools of red  spread beneath.  Dread of these visions  of yesterday's truth.  Can one escape with limbs tied with rope,  powerless to rise?  The screams,  sole dormant echoes  with no one to hear.  Anger adjoins rage  to stay inside,  for pain ignites  with their blows  of horror,  night and day.  A dismal sigh,  yells subside.  Prison them within  or you will die.  Disheartened with quiet wrath lingers inside, nevermore acknowledged  for terror abides.  Now is the time for these screams to engage. As they untangle taking anguish away.

Copyright © October 2002 Debbie Spicer

Additional Notes:
Please forgive me while I work on these two emotions of anger and rage. I am attempting in all ways to allow words to come out, whether good or bad, to find these in the most positive way possible....I really am not a miserable person....just trying to dislodge pain of my past to walk on in peace and harmony...Thanks...

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