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Self Dis-Integration

through shattered mirrors - broke     looking glass freezes time     lives with us and i the grave digger     choose to remember those      lost to us        >>>>>>>TOSS>>>>>>> red rose on a black box     a handful of dirt thrown     mindlessly and i the grave digger     lost in reflective halls     wandering raindrops teardrops blooddrops     wind blows through thinly veiled     little ones ~~~~~~~SHUDDER~~~~~~~ and i the grave digger     see stark black-eyed susans     extending innocent innards, the      asexual things that     they have been and i the grave digger     shield from burning sun that     prods deeper     !--BLINK--! with the light blocked off now     dig deeper deeper six     feet under and i the grave digger     stop, listen, take views from     my attic Black-eyeds' cries of the de-     -ceased howling in the night     deafening!       [SILENCE] and i the grave digger     choose to remember                                  [but]     to forget

Copyright © February 2003 Mandie J Overocker

Additional Notes:
This is a slight variation from 'Black-Eyed Susans. With a title change to lend to the overall curiousity for the reader. And two added verses. Written with the intention that the earth is a representation of one's division between consciousness and unconsiousness. Black-eyed Susans as parts of the self. (this particular flower chosen for several - bruised or colorful, very contrasting from the surroundings, beauty from pain, they can be beautiful yet grow from weeds). And yet we will forget unless we look at the pain along with the goodness, thus integration. This can be a daunting and challenging task for many, and often some find that they lose parts of their self rather than remember. However, there are several other ways to interpret the poem...what is yours?

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