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A thousand cranes i'd build for you if this one wish you could make true. A simple kiss to come my way on top of the world today. Who can blame me though i'm young my life is over yet just begun. Your eyes convey more than a doc a friend indeed behind your smock. So now we part - i take with me such a cherished memory.

Copyright © February 2003 Mandie J Overocker

Additional Notes:
This was inspired by last night's episode of ER. just came to me in the car today while i was driving...simple. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Warning>>>>>>>>>> <<<SPOILER>>>Do not read any further if you do not want to spoil any mystery of the poem...<<<SPOILER>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<WARNING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The episode was about a cancer patient who had fallen for one of the ER docs, and the ER doc who took a 'liking' to him in a mentorish way to the young fellow, as he only had a short time left to live. She takes him out to the circus, and he tells her about someone who thought if they built a thousand paper cranes then their wish would come true. After she takes him to ride the ferris wheel, he gives her a bag which he tells her to open later. At the end of the episode we see her dump out all these paper cranes. The title of the episode is "a thousand cranes" and that is what was stuck in my head.

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