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Seat Belts Do Save Lives

Roller Coaster Road darkened as the rain fell With each hill behind me the car picked up speed Quickly they came and went Did you feel the air? Faster, go faster they yelled I looked down, for just a split second Causing my eyes to leave the road We were already doing seventy In a twenty-five mile zone In that split second I lost control Sliding sideways causing the car to leave the road Hitting the ledge, bouncing into a boulder Sending us air born one hundred feet Landing nose first the car flipped front to rear Over and over again Another boulder caught our way Up we went air born again I felt the steering wheel as it kissed my face And the roof as the metal cut into my head Pain, intense it was Yet the ride seemed in slow motion I blacked out before we turned eight more times Landing on the other side of the road Twisted metal, broken glass Parts of the car I loved so much Stretched over the ground Car crushed like a tin can My spare tire sat on top of the hill facing us There were four of us inside this car Four of us still alive The boys pulled me from the wreck As Lindsay went for help Blood spilled from the wound in my head Fear was felt...breathe they cried Wake up, don't die like this I opened my eyes for a fleeting second Then darkness over took me again Sixteen plus staples closed the wound Swelling began to surround my brain Arms and legs ballooned Not able to tell yet if they are broken Face wears the steering wheel Chest bruised from the air bag I am alive and know in my heart The Lord sent His angels to be with us Knowing seat belts do save lives

Copyright © June 2003 Claire H. Currier

Additional Notes:
This is not meant to be a poem but an accounting of an auto accident which happened this past Saturday night in our small told by my granddaughter, Elycia who was the driver of the car......she is home from the hospital and will need much physical therapy to put her back on her feet ..her memory is partly gone for the time being, her legs are still very swollen and mangled inside though we pray not broken but with the torn cartlidge and ligaments it could take weeks before she will walk fully again....her head is quite painful and we are still removing pieces of broken glass from her hair....for now we thank God she and her friends are alive and will have learnt from this terrible experience that speeding is a factor that kills......Elycia would like the car placed on the lawn of her high school with a sign that reads Seat Belts Do Save Lives.....she is always telling everyone to buckle up and this time she says it with tears in her eyes.....Elycia will be seventeen on Father's Day.....

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