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Fighting In the Homeland

You and I ..and all the people historically  a mighty force; a still small voice can be heard from the mountains, the prairies and the sea's..from the people who say "This is my country" Our strength and courage remain untamed. neutered and fierce our ideals are held in the highest esteem throughout the world  from the beginning we laid them as our foundation. When I was a child I spoke as a child when our nation was young we were yearning as we have grown we've forgotten our roots yet they're still within our understanding. Deep in the valleys, where the grass roots grow lays also there the stone of our foundation wheather you stand on it, swear by it, or use it as your weapon it remains the cause of our condition. In the heart of America the people are watering tenderly planting with care patiently waiting for the harvest they expect when our soldiers come back from over there. We the people, on the homeland  who wait and pray and worry and vote fight with the enemy's infiltration of the church and states' early foundation  and the people shout this has always been my country! I won't move over to make room for your god you won't swear by mine This country has been led by the disciples of One Almighty God and on the principle that we, Americans are undivided, justified and made firm by the power of God. Don't shake the foundations of my country don't tread on me! This has always been my home you have never been my neighbor we have always been at odds and that is why I live in the land that has always been free.

Copyright © December 2006 Ellen K Lewis

This Poem was Critiqued By: arnie s WACHMAN On Date: 2007-01-07 20:17:25
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
Well crafted sentiments. May I asy that the US gained it's freedoms though through your civil wars especially North vs South...a terrible loss of humanity there...but here in Canada we had no such war within our borders and never killed the natives as Custer did to gain territory. We learned out lessons from our grandparents about freedom. Mine came from Russia and Germany where we were severly subjugated and turned that around once they reached our shores. But anyway, I did like your approach to freedom. May the bells ring.

This Poem was Critiqued By: marilyn terwilleger On Date: 2006-12-27 18:35:37
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
Hi Ellen...this is an excellent patriotic poem that speaks well of our freedoms and our land. I won't move over to make room for your god you won't swear by mine.....................if find these lines to be especially well written as they tell the truth and the crux of the matter as we all should see it. Why should we try to make people swear by our God when they have always worshiped theirs? It would do well for us to let them worship as they will. But then I'm just one small voice in a sea of many. Don't shake the foundations of my country don't tread on me!...........................these lines really hit home with me and I'm sure they will do the same for all who read this poem. Very well done! Blessings.....Marilyn
This Poem was Critiqued By: Claire H. Currier On Date: 2006-12-24 00:22:23
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
Hi should send this one off to the White House with enough copies for everyone in hopes that they will come to understand the meaning of living in a FREE land....of the people and for the people.......It just saddens our hearts the way God has been removed from it all.....and now the way His birth is being celebrated.....I have to bite my tongue when someone wishes me a Happy Holiday and always come back with Merry Christmas to you too.....actually the other day someone said Merry ......and I immediately said please leave Christ in Christmas where He belongs..........the same with the world we live in.........let us all join in prayer for our men and women service their country all over the world and especially for those here at home who perhaps find the orders they receive hard to understand as well as those fighting in other parts of the world..........we need to be one again and stand together. Thank you for voicing your words as you do.....perhaps this is the Lord's way of moving about again. God Bless, Claire
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