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Pickin Raspberry's

every morning I have a look a few pieces of ice in a butter tub and I'm off my rocker pickin berrys every morning eating every one. the lily's are blooming so well the early ones done, as the giants reproduce again and so many new variety's every morning I have a look a freshly opened lily certain to predict the verdict of the day ahead. the roses are bold but beautiful the belles of the garden who stand by watching  daring the competitors teasing them and taunting they keep the moment forever in the morning as I have a look. over here in the carnations  there seems to be a commotion I wonder aloud if company is coming or maybe just a wind whispering these are busy flowers today erect and bursting its morning and its time to look. the sun is hot already in the canna's vibrant green growth stretches to the sky they'll save their energy for later but on this day they will live quietly for their flowers are yet in coming I whisper softly to the hydrangeas so delicate and brave they are on a cloudy day it is here I find the beauty of willpower  the strength of want in the mornings I have to look. and always I rejoice to find the yellow snapdragons heralding the daiseys to put their faces to the sun they find happiness in being alive and keep the daiseys busy the sneaky watermellon wanders I dont mind that it found me by mistake seems to enjoy the neighborhood moving in next to a blueberry bush seems to me a double treat its morning and its time to look. too soon for blueberry's I turn to look red raspberry's - breakfast for one funny I dont feel alone at all Buster the cat nodding his agreement as he settles in for a long morning nap as I get started toward the kitchen a strawberry catches my attention not quite but perhaps tomorrow I pull a bunch of QueensAnnesLace smell of sweet earth for the front porch where I settle on my rocker again until when in the evening I'll be coming out to look.

Copyright © June 2012 Ellen K Lewis

Additional Notes:
thanks be for the earth that my day is so sweet puncuation is all in the scheme of things, but feel free to comment about it. I wanted to use it here and there but not consistantly....maybe that would be a good idea after all? or maybe, like me, you prefer it to open interpretation,,? thanks for reading!

This Poem was Critiqued By: Lora Silvey On Date: 2012-07-07 21:31:59
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
Ellen, I really enjoyed this, your descriptions were vivid and spoke to me while the flow of your words made this an easy read. No nits or spags. Lora

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