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Ode to Spirit

it is as if I have always known the rules of good behavior stand under God, honor your parents and obey the law. somewhere in elementary school I heard of the other laws the ones that are considered to be, by many Life Itself. my parents nodded, my mom cleared her throat and my dad told me not to cry about it. I didnt cry. Instead I prayed to Jesus and my soul was strengthened  and I saw that there was life In a Spiritual place that was more meaningful a bigger mystery something More around me. I visited the churches with congregations of Christian denominations like individual tribes striving among themselves to see that all the rules are correctly in order though no one police's them because they are forgiven already. Another group of humans carry the weight of ownership. As bearing a cross is to death, they share no hope and still another diverse people believe there is no death or perhaps no life at all but only the illusion of one or a pilgramage so indepth as to defy logic or logic so sound it can defy pilgramage at once. It seems that waste is all around me.  Stagnant and unresponsive souls waiting for more more joy, more freedom, more love -no responsibilitys at all but only wine and myrh,  gold and the most desired gemstones for all or perhaps, as is sometimes said; no one should ever seek for more again but remain in repose ever after. I take in a deep breath and let the earths' air into my lungs I need a moment to realize it...that I am in the air that is in me that there is a seperate entity not always seen it is as if air moves the living, as if the breathing is the life life that is not there on the sidewalk or in the street but only in the breathing things; the trees, the grass and the air. I strive to be a part of that breathing dimension of life I have seen Spirit walking in the places where man has left footprints monuments of stone; some honored others just left behind  not needing air they contain no Spirit and seperate from it and the eyes of my heart see the living Spirit as the air in my lungs breath in and out. God is Good and God is Great and thou shalt not grieve the Spirit.

Copyright © June 2012 Ellen K Lewis

Additional Notes:
my apologies to the offended~ it is not my intent to pick on anybodys beliefs, but only to write of my own.

This Poem was Critiqued By: cheyenne smyth On Date: 2012-07-05 17:28:10
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
Hi Ellen, First let me tell you I tried to write a crit on your poem "Pickin Strawberries" but must have hit the wrong key as it disappeared! Anyway, it is wonderful and I wanted to let you know that. You have written an ambitious poem here, not that it is a bad thing but a little long for my tastes. Having said that, once I began to read I couldn't stop till the very end. It is more like poetic prose than a poem and I enjoyed reading it. Your use of enjambents is good. Also you have so many outstanding lines and I would have to copy all of them in order to tell you which I like the best. Well done. Best wishes, cheyenne

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