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Fall on my mind

Theres a bounty in the Fall a harvest on the table something like a fire on the hearth of woman and in the man whose balls swell strong and ready there is the need in the bounty of Fall. I am saddened to close the pool but as the leaves drift the temperature drops I imagine algea stirring itself up the crystal blue water is priceless and dipping and dunking down to 50* is life to my blood  and strength to my bones but the cover must go on All the tomatos are eaten even the late comers  fried while still green the ground is clean now standing barren and empty and quite happy in its own resting, watching, and creating. All the garden ornaments are stored away the hoses are properly drained and coiled the tools are washed and returned to stand idlely and orderly in their places and with the wheel barrow oiled and my hands clean I sit near the fire with my coffee and my garden catalog

Copyright © October 2012 Ellen K Lewis

Additional Notes:
I'm allowed to ramble now and then right? seems like a good time for that Fall always inspires me thanks for reading

This Poem was Critiqued By: Tony P Spicuglia On Date: 2012-10-13 10:31:20
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 1.00000
Business first, S1L1 –There’s- S2L3 –algae- S3L1 –tomatoes- btw I cook and love fried green tomatoes! S4L4 – idly- S4L5/6 don’t like two ands in a row, or even in a stanza. Now the meat, S1 I appreciate your goal –if I understand the mating ritual correctly, If I don’t, forgive me- a little tweaking and it could be delicious –L4 I’d use –in the hearth-. As for the –balls-, were it me I’d have been less direct, more –whose desire swells- but then again there is a strong attraction towards a woman writing candidly of a males anatomy, so what do I know. I adored S2. Of loss and preparation – the end and the beginning- having neither evil nor goodness, just is. Wonderful. Today I do to my 17’ X 5’ above ground pool, just as you say. It is current and the need to see it go is demanding. I imagined watching you swim strokes across yours. I wish I could say I have ever owned a –real- swimming pool. It sounds splendid. Lastly, the last stanza, of the final preparations, a new direction and again rebirth, or in your words, creating- with the home fires, and thoughts of spring. I really enjoyed spending this time with you.

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