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There's Something About Sisters

There's something about seeing sisters that quickens the souls' of others and causes people to smile and feel a bit of something one thing or another, it is known there is a knitting a common thread in the family of man.  It is manifest in many ways, but always with some recognition for some who remember it is a resounding chord in a tune that plays without recollection a melody for those who dream and wish, fight and die.  tears are a collective pool women share. Mothers and Grandmothers from the world over look on generations with all knowing of things the one that follows will be like the first and carry the secrets forward strength, wisdom and knowledge. The old aunts keep the bells ringing young maidens continuiously at dance best friends who have known no boundary a blanket of comfort for the children there's something about sisters.

Copyright © October 2012 Ellen K Lewis

Additional Notes:
Many more words are needed and I'm not done looking for them.

This Poem was Critiqued By: cheyenne smyth On Date: 2012-10-18 12:23:13
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 1.00000
Hi Ellen, this poem really appeals to me. Two years after I wass born my mother gave birth to another baby girl. Sadly she only lived a few hours so I was raised an only child who always longed for my little sister. This is a creative theme for a poem, it is well written and compelling. I love the entire poem but the last verse says so much to me. You have used expressive words and the lines flow freely down the page. Good alliteration in seeing/sisters. Well done. Best wishes, cheyenne

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