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"Let's fish tail!"

Out here in the October sun your strong trunk supports the small of my back. Kids on a motorized off roader no older than 8, 9, or 10 one 12, even 
 maybe on a bicycle. A silent calm but noises abound crickets, jets, and passing cars and off yonder the buzz or a four wheel. The sun casts your shadow, an intricate maze the colors so vivid; blue, green and white. grey, brown and black spotted cows graze. "Let's fish tail!" I hear  As four wheels chase two whose rider topples off  to the soft ground where underneath your roots sprawl for balance. The fresh smell of recently cut grass fights in my memory as I watch an ocean of blades swaying in the wind remembering newly mowed grass down my back  playful memoirs of time gone past. Observing the ripple of leaves in the wind the tops of the trees seem almost purple. BEAUTIFUL - nothing more can describe My heart is here where my friend first brought me and at once I fell in love with you. Not a romantic love, but a nurturing tenderness Returning home - finding my heart again in the beauty of nature - you soothe my broken soul, warm my frozen heart. Expectations lost in times long ago sunshine or clouds, I do not care all the earth is beautiful. Fall colors the trees more green to the south October breeze, my place of refuge... Children's shouts and challenges bring me back to reality that is calling As it beckons I wonder "can I get any closer?" Each blade of grass, each twig, each leaf. Each one seen separately. A sight breathtaking to behold... Florida Champion Tree I pay all my respect to thee. 

Copyright © July 2000 Mandie J Overocker

Additional Notes:
This poem is the result of a semester long assignment when I took a poetry class several years ago. The assignment was to find an object and visit it weekly. Florida Champion Tree was my object: a very large oak tree in a small park just outside of my college town. There was a sign posted near the tree that spoke of its dimensions and boasted that it was the largest type around. A good frien of mine (ex-boyfriend) brought me out there one day and my heart was stolen. Surrounded by a large field of freshly cut grass, this tree was a tree climbers dream. Many Sunday afternoons I spent there gazing at the clear blue sky and white fluffy clouds, studying or watching children, who lived nearby, ride their four wheeler or a bicycle, or climb the tree. Sometimes, often times I would sleep. The title of this poem is a quote of one of the children as he on the four wheeler began to chase his friend on the bicycle. During these visits I found my soul, and nurtured it back to life. Whenever I remember that time in my life the sunshine I slept under creeps into my memory and warms me up all over again. I am often looking for that place that soothes my soul as much as Florida Champion Tree did at one time. I am greatful for the memories and I hope that in even just a small way, I have been able to share this with you.

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