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Lips that quiver, Bodies that shiver, Cold knawing at bones, Oh, despair, misery and groans! Where is our homeland? Now just tents expand; What ignorant madness Brought on this sadness? Greed like venom surging Through veins of humans emerging Concepts of money and power Preclude this horrendous hour. What does it matter who we follow, Religion should never be so shallow, Comfort and joy is what we all seek, Freedom for strong, and freedom for weak. When will it end? Is peace just pretend? Worldly goods lost, Dignity and spirit at cost. We must carry on, The weak and the strong. The future looks bleak, Whom can we seek? We need help and prayers, not just soothsayers, To live in a safe new age. Oh, God, please free us From this hopeless bondage.

Copyright © December 2000 Floriana F. Hall

Additional Notes:
This was written for the Bosnia and Kosovo era, but could apply to Israel and Palestine. It seems there are always wars or rumors of war.

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