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My roof is leaking, My roof is leaking, some of my windows are stuck, The hinges are squeaking, butI feel filled with luck. The family that dwells within my walls, A mother, a father, and two offspring, Brighten the atmosphere in the rooms and the halls With laughter and love that harmony brings. The father is kind and helps all he can, The mother is loving and keeps me clean, The children are disciplined according to plan Creating a healthy, peaceful scene. I alone know what occurs every day, The smell of chicken in the crock-pot, The family eating together after they pray, Apologizing after seldom they've fought. Although I am old and out of style, I've been their home for only a while, They feel comfortable within my frame, And I with them do feel the same. The family who preceded them Practiced substance and spousal abuse, Habits I wholly condemn, Neglected children -- there's no excuse! There was nothing I could change For I am an inanimate object, But after they moved, my new family rearranged The scene with serenity select. I hope they dwell within forever Growing daily in respect, Love, and worthwhile endeavors, Any failings to correct. If I could speak, I would say, "Don't ever leave my frame, We'll work together and we'll pray That harmony and peace will always reign.

Copyright © December 2000 Floriana F. Hall

Additional Notes:
This was originally in four line stanzas, but, for some reason or other, I couldn't fit it into the alloted frame.

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