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"So Sad"

Here I sit amidst a room, Empty and secluded. Many nights I lie awake,  But now she's not included. Within these walls I cannot see, But yes, I know she's here Watching o'er and guiding me  To "Toughen up out there". A loss like this is like no other. My best and dearest friend... My mother, friend, and sister, too~ She struggled 'til the end. But now she's in a better place Where happiness and glee Dominate the everlasting; Now her soul is free To enjoy laughter, love, and peace With Father and his Son. Even though I miss her so, Her soul, by Christ, is won.

Copyright © January 2001 Janet Bridget Harrison

Additional Notes:
My mother recently passed away, and she was more than just "a mom" to me. She was actually my best friend, and the sister I've never had.

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