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Kindred Spirits

Veils uncovering A thousand memories Sensations evoking Dreams unfold Magical spells Charms incantations Childish fantasies In forests of home The wind was roaring My body weightless Like a bird I soar Along cherished roads Like a diver plunging Through cleansing waters I surface from dreams To Clarity and Light Visions enlighten Centuries of Knowledge A thousand lives Chrsylids metamorphasize Spiralled inside me Sleep myriad mysteries Imprints awakened by a burning flame Fire bestowed from a single gaze Memories haunt me Familiar gestures grace Expressions..., truths deeper still A Oneness of feeling  Your presence makes.

Copyright © January 2001 Miriam E Vendelbosch

Additional Notes:
Absence of significant punctuation on purpose. I could explain the poem but that would be giving it away. Lets see how many of you "get it" !!

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