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             Glimmering, shimmering, elegant satin --         Yearning for it in Chicago, Cleveland, or Akron.           Rag-a-muffin, prim and proper, or in-between,              Altering the scenario from what has been.              Destitute who accept cotton or polyester,                 Haughty who neglect and let fester                 Attitudes of hurt and frustration;                Idealists who skim above the surface                  To rebuild, renew, and refurbish                    Society, crying for attention;                                                                                                          Causes too numerous to mention;                   Multitudes agonizing in tatters                   Relinquishing values that matter.              Caucasion, African-American, Asian or Latin,              Searching for elusive, but attainable, satin.                  Be wary about what you're longing for,               Lest with fulfillment, you slide to the floor --                 Slippery, frivolous, impractical satin. .                                                                                                                                                                              

Copyright © January 2001 Floriana F. Hall

Additional Notes:
The dashes are for pause and emphasis.

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