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Closed My Eyes Again

Closed my eyes again---tried to sleep some more. Words inside my brain ---knocking on the door. If I answer---I’ll have to wake up. Get pen and paper---to shut the words up. If I close my eyes---the words will appear. Trampling over each other inside---my head from ear to ear. So tired ---all I want to do is sleep. The words are wired---they just want to keep. Me awake---so I can write. Like an earthquake ---words scrambling to excite. I give up ---I’m tired of fighting. I’ll wake up--- and start to writing. Another word---another sentence. Another poem---is my penance. I love to write---but also love to sleep. I don’t want to fight --- so I’ll write this poem for you to keep. Close to your heart---or inside your brain. So I can start---to sleep and maintain. All my energy---and all my composure. Wrote another poem---now I have closure.   ©April 24, 2000

Copyright © January 2001 Claus Michael Ranswill

Additional Notes:
This was written last April after getting off work at 7 in the morning. I tried to sleep but couldn't, can you relate. I was just trying something different with the ellipses, hope all of you don't mine too much.

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