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First Anniversary Sonnet

One year, and now a paper token earned: This piece of pulp and dye, once air and sun. These elemental things have long sojourned Through time and space as matter protean, And still, they make that ageless trek toward A distant place of balanced constancies, Where diamonds live as carbon in accord With songs of universal harmonies. So may the force that guides this odyssey Escort your love through alchemies of change, And move you near that state of purity That lives beyond our tiny, finite range. Recall someday, should this page burn or fade, Its elements... like love, cannot degrade.

Copyright © January 2001 Bill Grant

Additional Notes:
Paper is the traditional form of a first anniversary gift. This sonnet was written and printed as a first anniversary gift to my Brother and Sister-in-law. I've always especially liked it because it is a physical pun on itself in the sense that it that it speaks of the actual piece of paper and the writing on it that the reader is holding in their hands at the moment of reading. I realize that the rhyme on lines 2 and 4 may be a little forced but I've found it just as easy to say "pro te un" as to say "pro te en". Is this what they call "Poetic License"?

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