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         Selection                 The sun brightly shining                 Love in its bloom                As fresh as the rose.          Direction                Straightforward and unswerving                The garden growing                Trees bearing fruit.          Deception                When only shadows move                What once was alive                Has become disenchanted.          Rejection                Clouds dropping teardrops                Heartache prevails                Dark crawling shadows.         Objection                Responsibility questioned                Stirring winds of reprimand                Brewing thunderous storms.         Protection                Surrounded by a wall                Bouncing off silhouettes of your former self                Reconciliation not possible.         Reflection               Fond remembrance, souvenirs of the past               An oasis filled with beauty               Disappearing shadows and silhouettes.                                                   

Copyright © February 2001 Floriana F. Hall

Additional Notes:
Lack of some punctuation deliberate for effect. Published in THE PEN.

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