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Fields of cabbages, Acres of aloe, Land that ravages The common fellow. Across the border, Congestion ingestion, Law and order, Spicy digestion. Child accordionists, Music so mellow, Siblings outstretched hands, wrists, Complexions sallow. Pottery beautiful, Varied hues, angels of clay, All owners dutiful, Working long, humid days. Leaving the city, Donkey and wagon, Dirt floors a pity. Family rags donned. Passing outhouses, Decorated cemeteries, Emotion arouses, Country of tributaries. Arriving at two At Casa Amparo, Some buildings new, Girls wearing sombreros. The ninjas content To feel secure; The nuns intent, To keep them pure. Taught morals, manners, and grace, Reading, writing, sewing and math, Girls with smiles on their faces Try to follow the righteous path. Cabbages, bread and money Donated to make and keep Their lives happy and sunny, To feel safe in their sleep. Crossing back again over the border, Eyes have been opened, Motivated to restore order,  More money I'll send.

Copyright © February 2001 Floriana F. Hall

Additional Notes:
These girls are from abusive or poor families, and are not up for adoption.

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