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                    The baptism was complete;                     The cleansing had been done;                      The air grew hazed and sweet,                      As the rituals had begun.                     I watched closely observing how                     Everyone did the same,                     As their turns went around;                     Fever grew in me as it came;                     The Provider's favour was at stake;                     I did as I had saw;                      Tried to make no mistake;                     I religiously â€˜beyed the law;                     I successfully completed                      My deft imitation,                     Then I saw what I needed;                     I beheld a revelation:                     I receive, from the Provider,                     Approvingly, a nod;                     I was an insider,                      But never felt further from God.

Copyright © March 2001 James McInnis

Additional Notes:
I suggest you read this more than once. It is still revealing itself even to me.

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