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The thoughts that flow from this special pen Are thoughts I didn't know I had back then When I was just a child. But they were present, Like a seedling that slowly grows And bursts into bloom, Like a train that chugs along Gradually accelerating to its destination. The thoughts of conscience That separate the good from the bad - The soul and mind talking with each other, Perceptions unlike any other person, but then If all thought alike, no one would be thinking. Deliberation, a chore of the intellect  And daydreaming, it's pleasure. Associating ever more with loftier rationalization or logic, Wisdom sometimes acquired by disenchantment, For to be wise, one must live and learn; Unlike knowledge, wisdom lingers But is for naught unless used to help others.

Copyright © April 2001 Floriana F. Hall

Additional Notes:
Published, reviewed by newspaper reporter, who especially promoted the last line.

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