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A Song Of Passage

Anoint my head with sacred music, body, hands and feet, That I may leave this mortal sphere with joy and heaven greet With calm assurance I yet live, am known - myself - as ME - And will continue to live on throughout eternity. With gentle sound, release my fears, my pain, and bid me go To where I'm called and waited for by those I used to know. In love I came, with sorrow lived, now with love I depart And know that I will miss this life, but hold all in my heart. With music bathe and draw me on to realms half-glimpsed in dreams, Brief memories of higher spheres where crystal tower gleams By azure oceans, deep and wide.  Where lilting voices give All glory to God and the Lamb, and testify they live! My sacrament of life has passed and I have drunk the cup Poured out to me, in measure full, 'though wont to take it up. Sing gently, as I take this step.  Release me, I implore, And bid my soul safe journey as I pass this mortal door.

Copyright © June 2001 R. Lee Buckley

Additional Notes:
This poem is dedicated to Therese Schroeder-Sheker and all of her wonderful students at the School of Music Thanatology, St. Patrick Hospital, Missoula, Montana and their "Chalice of Repose Project" help the dying to cross over without fear and pain through the use of theraputic music from harps and singing. I would suggest that you all read Joshua Leeds' awesome book "Sonic Alchemy" to understand the power of sound and music to heal the body/mind/spirit of mankind.

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