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A the game.

I share your tears of delight Yet am aware of your pain, As you shed your tears of plight And I see you play the game. Your questions come Just one by one. You ask me why. I can not lie. I had a choice To lend a hand And to restrict  The choice of man. But you know now Where I will stand I'm here for you  Reach out your hand. I know all too well the ways To a game Nobody plays. It isn't just a teenage phase; I'm sorry that those were the days. That was and now is your life I'm sure that you can see. Even through all your strife, You'll be fine; you trust in me.

Copyright © March 2000 Mandie J Overocker

Additional Notes:
This poem originally was written with the following for the final stanza: alternative final stanza: That was and is your life I'm sure now that you can tell Even through all your strife You are going to turn out well.

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