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The Challenge of Equality..Freedom's Truth

Stars and stripes wave vigilantly through the storm of hate. Firmly planted in the truth Her will shall prevail. "Equality" of the human kind speaks loudly to deaf ears, but Fallen on rock hearts. The infection of superiority spreads as gangrene to the weak. No longer can we tolerate the death of our sisters, Chosen, by the chosen land. Spread your idea. "Old Glory" Spread your seed. For the young, soft of heart To plant, for an equal world As God intends Freedom of illusion cast by others, Old glory Cry! to open ears In their stones that pierced bled the truth for the world to see. By their stones that pierced America! you have been chosen to lead

Copyright © October 2001 Ronda Michelle Nelson

Additional Notes:
Although devestated by the American Tradgedy brought to our shores, my eyes were opened to the plight of the Afghan Women through this horrific attack. I hope it is for the world to see the bondage of these people, and the mission of the Taliban, to stamp out freedom all over the world. America has been chosen to lead this fight, and she will prevail.

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