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Christmas, A Time to Remember

The touch of your hand As we strolled through the park Resting together Beneath the stars above The joining of two lives Becoming man and wife The birth of a child Adding joy to our life Pretty little puppy Big red bow Wide eyed Gazing at the snow Candles flicker  in the night Carolers sing Let earth receive her King May your holiday Be filled with Joy and wonder Family and friends "Christmas" a time of joy A time of love A time to remember Shared with those we love May the birth of Jesus And the true Meaning of Christmas Be forever in your life Marry Christmas to all

Copyright © December 2001 Claire H. Currier

Additional Notes:
From me to all of you here on the link. Punctuation is never used; I always capitalize each beginning word. May thanks for all your help this past year and may God Bless you all.

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