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discomforts of life II

his malignant words fell heavy; his crusted wounds open to further infection; from his constant refusal to not let go. though I admit,  I had less than pure intentions myself,  it didn't seem fair that he had thrust his pain,  from his internal depths onto my unexpecting self. I hadn't the slightest of how much baggage he had packed; as he tried to lay those suitcases at my inevitabley unwelcoming door, I realized;  for a small man- he managed to carry a lot with him. Chris Morrow July 26, 2001.

Copyright © February 2002 Christina Morrow

Additional Notes:
This is the second of two poems about this learning experience of a relationship.. and hints at the idea that the individual I write about was dealing with some issues that led to the break up.. the first poem didn't touch on why the people part really.. and this might help explain that a little.. and hey! no rhyming this time.. thanks for reading

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