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Love Poem

They said to write a love poem But all I can think of is you. What's that you ask What's that I can not do? I can not write a love poem. Not when all I'm thinking is how You tormented us and twisted things So everything is confusing now How can I write a love poem When the mother from whom I was supposed to learn What family and real love was all about Abandoned physically, mentally, spiritually     left me always to yearn... ...yearn always for your acceptance and love. So instead I write this poem Cause now I'm learning to give, The Love from me which you withheld To myself so that I can Live.

Copyright © February 2002 Mandie J Overocker

Additional Notes:
We had just finished lunch and gathered in the common area...the suggestion was to write a love poem...fifteen minutes later we shared our pieces...this was what i wrote...

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