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Doorway of Distinction

You entered my life, unsuspecting, reaching the essence of my soul. Aware you could extend the borders, to join emotions of hidden fear. Distinct discoveries took you off guard, disquieting life which seemed content. You choose to remain nearby, surrounding my soul with gracious love. Rescued pain voiced from deep within, abundant with immoral notice. Shrouded torment of times revealed,  inflicted memories of shameful past. Genuine beauty of spent affection, full acceptance beyond a question. Mercy quieting my restless soul, love supporting eventual peace. To thank you now would not suffice, for your endurance of my needs. Finding words that speak this value, aren’t found in any written voices.  

Copyright © March 2002 Debbie Spicer

Additional Notes:
To Try To Thank You.... (No, just Diet Dr. Pepper...)

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