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I sensed you in  endless plight; you who saw me  in that time.  I was lain on  harmful soil.  Anguish exuded as I wept.  Senses gone  all fear ensued.  Grief echoed  amidst the realm.  Eyes flaming  love numbed; ensnared by evil’s  pledge.  Rage found sorrow, fate swayed with  fresh raze.  I drifted in  misty lands to  return to deadened  sleep.  Now I wake  to find; you were there… 

Copyright © March 2002 Debbie Spicer

Additional Notes:
This poem is in answer to one that touched me deeply as I read it, "Sixth Sense", and has to do with a tormenting time at age 18. It may not make much "sense" to you as you don't know the story, but this is the first time I have attempted writing a poem like this. I am sure there are technical suggestions, but this was from my heart.

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