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One Of Those the life of epilepsy

Today is one of those days I sometimes have when my brain is overactive with tiny infiltrations of elecrical storms not yet violent not yet severe enough  to take precautions. But the uncertainty of it follows me around the house and I can feel them working, lacking evidence and form they sneak into my consciousness. And so, I breath quietly and wait. Today is one of those days. I can call for help at only an arms reach push the button, blow my horn but I know there isn't anyone who can help me now, or then  when I meet my Maker with everyone watching and I unaware If today I go to be reborn  remember me not for my seizures for one of those days when you were my helper. Remember me at my best and do not mourn, for my victory is come in Heaven.

Copyright © April 2002 Ellen K Lewis

Additional Notes:
A continuing work used mostly at a local clinic, as a source for people who have to live with epilepsy. All your comments are appreciated!! If you have questions about epilepsy feel free to ask them. I need to know what you need to know! Than you for reading!!

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