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Deranged Delusions (Part Two)

    When life throws arrows filled with destruction and afflictions erroneous come to explode occasionally disclosures come forth unforeseen conceived death becomes diverse new life answers with certainty rise before daunt eyes is there a solution beyond deranged delusions? The retreat of lost life found new expectations hiding from self was impossible to fulfill very slowly peace did triumph over torment life can not transpire without unequivocal pain happiness unfolds with momentary ascents heartfelt found truths are guarded with passion.                 

Copyright © May 2002 Debbie Spicer

Additional Notes:
This story, to include part one, is regarding the facts of a person getting to a point of no return, how there seems to be no answers, and how life seems impossible to go on. If one can wait and only see what happens, even if it means waiting in terrifying pain, many times answers come. In this case, Part Two was written after I was to the point of no return and a good friend, through e-mail and an amazing woman who has written two books on Post Traumatic Stress, sent me the name of a place for exactly this condition. It may be difficult to reveal on the Link, but I feel strongly that you all will care about me regardless, for what happened to me as a child and at 18, was not my fault, but the re-living and processing it now has been overwhelming. I allow myself to be open, as I know we all have issues and dealings we go through, and this just happens to be part of my life. Thank you for your support and thank goodness there are, at times, very good answers to desperation. Punctuation follows Part One.

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