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Got back into life with no major issues, working onward and out came the tissues. Thought circumstances were advancing well, without warning, my eyes set forth to swell. First tears came without any warning, pressure rose as I arrived each morning. Surprising myself as this was not me, undertakings became Hades without a key. Finding hoards of projects stacked so high, no one could help, finding not even I. Attempting too hard to get the tasks done, tension increased occupied with no sun. The straw finally broke when I understood, too soon in returning, earlier than I should. Now I am home with my heart in great pain, licking my wounds while trying to maintain. Life teaches us lessons we thought we knew, I wished I’d  have discerned or had a clue. For now I can do nothing but sit and wait, do I have to withdraw till I feel that great?

Copyright © June 2002 Debbie Spicer

Additional Notes:
A reminder to myself and others to give ourselves a break! I didn't and I found out that I should have given myself more time before I pushed myself back into the grinding life of work.

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