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Unearthed Passion

To what end have you influenced my heart with an intensity no other has achieved? You flood me with an undiminished reality fierce passion immersed in limitless desire. I perceive your significance as you draw near with a yearning embellished in merciless need. My flesh so covetous for your touch surrounds my senses with your vitality. Gazing deep into your luminous eyes considerate, yet no longer resistant. My soul surrenders to unseasoned sensations longing instantly for this ardent encounter. Discovered delight penetrates my awareness offering unblemished love from my depths. I render myself completely, with such ease introducing myself to places never journeyed before. Entitle me to know your absolute substance never again to be secluded from my soul. Uncontrollable desire meets respectful truths admiration now meets with great honor. Reality emerges from hidden emotions by allowing integrity to meet its ultimate course. A fresh longing toward what this heart implores is now awakened to you after all these years. Dedicated to my husband            Greg

Copyright © June 2002 Debbie Spicer

Additional Notes:
After time and much reflection, I recognized that these feelings belong to the man who has stayed by my side for over 31 years. This is a fresh emotion after many years of numbed feelings after violent trauma when I was 18. This gives me hope, not only for myself, but for those who don't believe they could ever experience love, trust, or give themselves to anyone after such violence from their youth and finding PTSD (Post Traumatice Stress Disorder) has ruled their lives, for now I have the freedom to love and to be loved by a great man; one who knows my faults yet loves me just the same. I am a very lucky woman and even though there are times I still wonder, this discovery remains. (I recognize there could be more use of punctuation, but I limited it for my own purposes. I hope for honest comments in making this poem the best it can be.)

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