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My Wish for You

      "A prayer for your day" The pain you are in will soon go away yet not useful right now in the way that you lay. Struggles you’ve had bring me back to know you’re life brings me sunshine, new ways to grow. If I could come and comfort this part I would in second and dwell near your heart. But miles and commitments are in the way making me agonize and forcing me to delay. Life is so short and we live far away but my thoughts are with you on this day. I ask that the pain be taken from you comfort you’ll have, peace through and through.

Copyright © June 2002 Debbie Spicer

Additional Notes:
Sometimes, in recovering from a traumatic event, we forget it takes time and there are some setbacks. I dedicate this little poem, full of love and a prayer, that the pain of healing, will go away today. Love to you, Jo, and know we all care about you!

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