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I Discovered You

Years of living, unaware of the real you. Nor experiencing the genuine person  I desired desperately. The craving to find  truth and reality never left, when I did, it remained  within me. Years later prayers answered  indeed in haste. He lay on death’s bed you laid on the floor. I put you to sleep and waited till morn, told you of what happened you crumbled before me, to oppose no more. Seventy-one years  I was so proud entering the place to help set you free. Oh, the pain but you did it with joy, never to protest or even complain. Dad lived as did you for a short time and in this,  "I found my real mom."   

Copyright © July 2002 Debbie Spicer

Additional Notes:
Please excuse any technical irregularities, but I write this today in honor of my mother, who died 4 years ago today. She was an alcholic, a nurse, ane a good person. I just never got to know the "real" person until she allowed me to help her get into a rehab program. She was their star in the midst of all ages, and they loved her through this. My dad had just had a quadruple heart bypass and wasn't doing well, and she had way to much too drink and ended up on the floor during the night. I was there for my dad, but little did I know, I was there for my mom as well. I truly didn't know what an expectional person she was until she quit drinking, something she had prayed for for years, but was unable to do. Even though we had a very short time, I was able to get to know my real mom for four months, when suddenly she had a massive stroke, to live only two days. I did get to see her, as I drove a five hour trip in a little over three, and her words to me as I walked into the ICU were "Oh, it's my angel", and we could never understand her again. So, even though I miss her terribly, she gave me something I had searched for all my life. She was the most wonderful, fun person you would ever want to know. I dedicate this to my mom!

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