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I am a retired Job Placement Consultant. Currently, I assist individuals find employment via my website using search words My banner on that cite is PARKER WRITES. My professional e-mail address if I also compose business letters, job search cover letters and other letters on demand. Several of my poems have been published and I write for a weekly newspaper in my city. Writing is my hobby and is very therapeutic for me. When I am bored, sad, or lonely I write. It cheers me up and increases my self-esteem. Some of my best writing takes place when I become passionate about a cause,or sad about some horrific societal event. You will often find spelling errors in my poetry, simply because I have a degenerative eye disease and can not always depend on my proof-reading ability. I retain the services of an excellent proof-reader for my professional writing; however she is not always availabe when I submit a poem. I often work on the computer late at night.

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