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Hi, I guess that I'm just another goth boy from that cursed city of Denver. No, I did not really know Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, however I have played live-action Vampire with them before.I am the lead singer of a new band called The Ascension. We play mostly goth industrial but their is definitely a little bit of punk influence, a little new-wave influence also. I frequent asmany clubs as possible. I hate most women (even though some of my closest friends are ex-girlfriends). I work at a comic book store in the gaming department. I hate computers. Come to think of it, I hate a lot of things. I'm also planning on taking over the world some day. I'm nineteen years old and I got expelled from highschool eighteen days before graduation, almost two years ago. In fact, it was the day after Columbine. That crap really affected us out here and is still affecting us. Oh well, it won't take away my fun. I have a lot of stored anger for women that often comes out in my poetry. I am also well tuned in to the social structure of dance clubs as I am a huge club rat myself. I am not a Christian even though my parents try and convince themselves on a daily basis that I am. I was disilusioned to Christianity when all the things I found that I liked as a child I could not do or have because they were "evil". I like to accept and indulge in my humanity rather than deny it. I do not hate Christians though, I have met many that I like. If everyone agreed with me on everything then I would never be able to hold some the intense conversations that I love.

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