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Hi Fellow Poets, My name is Nancy, I'm a 51 year old woman in full blown menopause, which means hot flashes, memory loss dry skin, weight gain. Now for the good news, I love to write poetry. Until now, I found no real site which gave good critiques and offered suggestions which would allow one to make improvements in the writing skills. I know for me spelling and punctuation are places where I need to pay closer attention. I'm the mother of two grown children and a grandchild. My son Kris 30, daughter Kira 25 and the delight of my life, grandaughter Haley 5. I am teaching her about words that rhyme and we make poetry together. I work as a nurse at a psychiatric center which treats people with long term mental illness. I've raised my children myself and like as well as love them. I'll take some of the credit for the outcome but most of it belongs to the spirit. All of my work is experential, some from difficult struggles, most good. I discovered the light because of the darkness and I am the light, as we all are.

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