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Poet/painter Amy Templeton Buckley's works communicate "A sense of community, of home. A remembered essence. A touch, a glance, a fleeting kiss - which burned their marks in our unconscious so deeply that they have become part of our home. I want to create a community independent of time and place. Concentric circles which feed us back to each other..." Frequent themes addressed in Buckley’s work include: How is it we are all connected? What is the modern experience? And, are our lives now so widely flung and mechanized that love affairs become nothing more than an efficient way to feel again?" A winner of Palm Springs' Desert Post Weekly Annual Poetry Contest and published in that publication as well as The Adirondack Review, Amy Templeton Buckley's collection of poetry and paintings can be viewed at Current volumes of poetry include The Collage Manifesto, The Petri Dish Poems and Love Soup: Recipes for Lovers and Liars.

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