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Thought it was about time I entered this since I enjoy reading the profiles of the poets I've found on the Link whose work I enjoy. Am currently experiencing what I refer to as my 4th life (no, I don't mean that in terms of years, thank goodness). First was my phase earning a living as a martial arts instructor (judo) in Florida. Second was my tenure in the Army (enlisted as an infantry private, retired as a military intelligence officer). Third was the six years I spent working in greater corporate America (major yawn there). Am currently two years into my fourth phase - this one as a certified special education teacher teaching in a small rural elementary school; one of the more rewarding things I've done in life. Also teach U.S. history on an adjunct basis at a local university. At 45, guess I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Not in any hurry. Like most, started writing poetry in high school. Have published some 80 poems or so. Some in journals well known, some in journals known only to their editors and contributors. Small list includes: The Wisconsin Review, The Maine Review, the George Mason Review, the Ball State Forum, Borderlands, Crosscurrents, the Christian Science Monitor, Sacred Journey ... Currently have poems awaiting publication with Sacred Journey, the War Cry and The Living Church. Poetry has also been published in Japan; some in English language journals, some translated into Japanese. Most of the poems I've posted on the Link are either new, or pieces which I've had around for a while but haven't moved and am trying to figure out why. Enjoy writing prose as well. Haven't had much luck with fiction (yet). Have sold an occasional freelance article on topics ranging from the local cotton crop to Vatican politics. Am very happily married (15 years now), with three children ages 5 to 14. My family provides me with endless ideas for poems. Would list other sources of inspiration, but its hard to think of anything that isn't one. That's it, thanks for the read. Carl

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