Dawn Anne Hall's E-Mail Address: dawnhall13@yahoo.com
Dawn's Personal Web Page or Favorite Web Page: http://gonow.to/ght
Dawn's Favorite Song: How much do I love you?

Dawn Anne Hall's Profile:
My name is Dawn Anne Hall. I use my middle name as it was my mom name and I loved her dearly. I am married and have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. In my life the biggest challenge has been my weight. Last year I was 450 lbs. and now I am 343 lbs. as of July 25, 2000 My goal weight is
0 lbs. I only have 2
lbs to go. Keep me in your prayers! When I write my poems I write my story and if I help just one person feel better about themselves and maybe even change their lifes around to meet their goals - then one of my purposes in life is fulfilled. God is blessing us with Love, Health, and Wisdom and the greatest of these is love. Without love, where would hope be? Dawn

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