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“Profile” Hi! My name is Vic Sturgeon, I have spent a large part of my adult life working in the Out Back Of Western Australia. I spent many years working on cattle and sheep stations from the Kimberly Region To the mid- west out from a Semi desert town called Meekatharra. Most of my poems reflect my Australian out back heritage and in Particular True stories Of incidents that I was involved in or saw happen. When I write about a valley or a mountain or a station. They are really there. It is my way of writing a book about the places, people, and the animals that I encountered in the wide-open Spaces of out back Australia. I also operated road trains for many years transporting cattle from out near the deserts into the railhead at Meekatharra, Geraldton, and Perth. In later years at Humpty Doo and Darwin, In the Northern Territory ( crocodile Dundee country) that I started writing songs About Australia and its characters. And performed for many years with my Friend Beverley Mc shanag, around the Northern Territory, Queensland and West Australia. I also performed on the buddy Williams show on his last tour of The Northern Territory before Buddy Died. (See my poem “ “the Buddy Williams show” More recently I have just been informed that my poem entitled, “AH! Yes, “Mount Augustus”. Is being published in a Coffee table edition of a Book of poems From around the world entitled “Time After Time” I understand that This book will have nation wide distribution through out the United States of America and should be out before Xmas.They have just accepted another of my poems for publication in "Time after Time" Its title is "Kaleidoscope of flowers". This is a first for me as I am not a trained writer in any way, I was very lucky to have an Irish father who could write poetry at the drop of a hat. My writing comes in fits and starts but when the inspiration hits me I can write a bush poem within an hour if the mood is there. I am married to a Filipino (for 18 years now) we have two Children A boy and a girl. My sons name Is Nino and my Daughters name is Anjel Maria. He is 17 years old and Anjel is 15 years old. I love the poetic link as it has given me the opportunity for my poems to be aired And critiqued by all you wonderful poets on the link. I am now an old guy, 58 years and I will always be a Ringer at heart. (Australian cowboy). I don’t have my own page, as I wouldn’t know where to start to establish one. (Dummy me) poor bugger me got no sugar got no tea) Old Aussie stockman’s saying. In fact six months ago I did not know how to turn a computer on let alone use it. But I am learning slowly. I don’t know what a URL is. Maybe it means UN Readable Letters? I’ll learn one day I hope. Well, bye for now. (I’ll catch you when the whips are cracking). An Aussie stockman’s way of saying I’ll see you later mates. Vic Sturgeon.

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