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I just recently took my pen in hand and started writing about eight months ago. I don't know what got me going,but all of a sudden I had this strong urge to write my feelings. I started carrying a note pad and pencil with me everywhere. I would pull along the side of the road while driving and just start writing. I would be in the middle of doing anything, I would think of something, a swing, flower, person, whatever, and grab the note pad. The words just seem to flow. Its almost as though I am just the person writing the words. Its as though they are coming from somewhere else??? Is that what poetry is???? Words from the heart??? Or words from above??? To inspire others and give them feelings too? Show them there is a wonderful thing called a feeling? Im new at this. I hope I fit in, because I really feel good about the things I write, especially when my family and friends praise me. Glad to be here.

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