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Into The Sun

the path is long and wide paved with despair and loneliness walking towards the sun I can see lonely lovers dreams the sounds of  forgotten lovers tears blinds me with every step,every breath I take   there is no return ,no exit  from this desolate and lonely path towards the sun I must run searching for nature`s child a tender creature cloaked in passion shining as the brightest morning sun -a setting sun you`ve never seen   I sometimes walk this path while rainclouds hide the moon its here I`ll stay in my world of loneliness I stop and stare into the sun I must run I think I`m moving I know not where   down this wretched path I`m running but I don't care the world is changing before my eyes no shadows to hide in while running straight towards the sun   the sun is calling,reaching beckoning me how we lost each other the more I know the less is understood my thoughts are scattered like many winds   tired and sleepy I walk this path alone shadows are lurking chasing me about forward now no looking back into the sun I must run

Copyright © February 2009 Michael Bird

This Poem was Critiqued By: Rene L Bennett On Date: 2009-02-19 08:11:02
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
Michael, I feel like this often. You have penned my thoughts. Well done. I love the imagery, rain clouds hiding the moon yet, the sun always blinds you and shines. Maybe the sun is telling you that you're not alone? I did enjoy reading your thoughts.. Always, Rene'

This Poem was Critiqued By: Duane J Jackson On Date: 2009-02-19 00:16:56
Critiquer Rating During Critique: 10.00000
Hi Michael, I've come to expect a strong display of raw emotion in your poems, which is vital to the art of poetry writing. You have a natural sense of emotion and expressing it - an important friend in your poetic journey. You might want to tone down the jagged structure and tithgten the piece by focussing more on meter, beats, etc. This would help the flow and give your emotion strength. You may also want to say this in fewer verses...the impact will be greater and you will leave some of the feeling and thinking to the reader...sort of self=discovery. Once you sort out meter, you can begin searching for a more unique way in which to convey images. It is great to see you posting more often and I certainly hope you stick around to treat us with the emotional charge of your poems. Duane.
This Poem was Critiqued By: James C. Horak On Date: 2009-02-14 09:39:31
Critiquer Rating During Critique: Unknown
Mr. Bird, imagery is the redemption for poems of forlorn love. You have a couple of similes and use an ages- old euphemism (the sun) for this six verse poem and that's about it. And, unlike as with Poe's, Annabel Lee, you give us nothing tragic about this drolling whine which elevates it any higher than a drolling whine, something one might take to a bar to get over, not "immortalize" in print. Now, we had sometime ago, a certain lady that gave us such a shopping list of woe and that was bad enough, but you are a man, pardon my gender bias. You can get over this, it's unseemly to be advertising it and you could probably do better with your romantic can certainly with your poetic endeavors. But if you do persist in this vein, put more emphasis on the object of your loss and far less on yourself, the difference between whining and opining. JCH
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